Some of the tools used to help patients reach their goals include:


Pain Management & Rehabilitation: Back pain is one of the leading reasons for patients to visit their doctor or physical therapist in the US, with over 80% of the population affected over a lifetime.  As a result treatment for back and neck complaints….read more

Sports & Performance: Athletes understand the  importance of a finely-tuned body.  Balance, agility, strength, flexibility, and speed often determine the split-second difference between first and second place.  As a former professional basketball player….read more

Corporate Wellness & Ergonomics: Working in a corporate setting can take a toll on your health due to the sedentary nature and poor workplace hygiene found in most businesses.  Sitting or standing, and repetitive motions for long hours….read more

Health Talks & Seminars: As author of the blog “Wellness: An Evidence-Based Lifestyle”, Dr. Golob has knowledge and expertise in a wide range of health and wellness areas.  He is available to give talks and presentations on a variety of topics….read more


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