Which Manual Therapies are best for Cervicogenic Headaches?

On April 4, 2012, in Alternative Medicine, Chiropractic, How to Prevent Headaches, by Kelly Golob DC

Headaches can be one of the most frustrating illnesses to deal with.  Even a mild headache can make it difficult to concentrate or perform simple daily routines.  What can make headaches even more frustrating on top of that is that often there is little a person can do to find any relief.  Certain types of […]

Can Water Prevent Migraines?

On August 26, 2011, in Alternative Medicine, How to Prevent Headaches, by Kelly Golob DC

People suffering from migraines have learned that there can be many different types of triggers that lead to a migraine attack. Weather, lights, noise, stress, sleeping problems, alcohol, caffeine, and many others can affect migraine sufferers in different ways. And while the exact mechanism of what causes a migraine remains unclear, scientists have begun finding certain risk factors that, when avoided, offer the potential to provide effective natural treatments for migraines.

Is Chiropractic Care Effective for Migraine Headaches?

On May 23, 2011, in Alternative Medicine, Chiropractic, How to Prevent Headaches, by Kelly Golob DC

The estimated cost of migraines in the United States is over 17 billion dollars annually and produces much disability.  The effect of manipulation in the treatment of migraines was examined in 127 patients in a randomized control trial that consisted of a 2 month data collection period, 2 months of treatment followed by another 2 […]

Are Chiropractic Adjustments Effective for Treating Chronic Cervicogenic Headaches?

On March 9, 2011, in Chiropractic, How to Prevent Headaches, How to Treat Neck Pain, by Kelly Golob DC

Approximately 16% of the general population will be suffering from headaches at any time.  Roughly 1/3rd of those headache sufferers will have a certain type of headache known as a cervicogenic headache (which is basically a fancy term for saying ‘your neck is causing your headache’).  This problem can occur from tight, injured, or stressed […]

Alternative treatments for Migraine prevention?

On February 23, 2011, in Chiropractic, How to Prevent Headaches, Wellness, by Kelly Golob DC

Migraine headaches occur in approximately 15% of the population.  These headaches can be extremely severe and cause nausea, hyper-sensitivity to light, and hyper-sensitivity to sound.  Migraines are usually treated with medication, but there are alternatives for those who prefer to avoid the medications or are experiencing side effects. One recent research paper, published February 2011 […]

Does Vitamin D deficiency cause tension headaches?

  Vitamin D is found in many foods and is also made in our bodies when we are exposed to ultraviolet light (sunlight).  Extreme deficiency in this vitamin results in the disease osteomalacia which causes weakening of bones and muscle aches, but headaches have never been traditionally considered to be related to vitamin D levels. […]