Can Kinesiotaping improve shoulder movement?

Kinesiotaping is a popular tool in the athletic world these days, and it is also becoming a common therapeutic tool for injury rehabilitation as well.  The theory is that the elasticity of the tape can (when applied correctly) slightly elevate the skin and in doing so, potentially decrease pain, improve muscle strength, and increase circulation. […]

Can Tennis Elbow be Treated with Low-Level Laser Therapy?

Lateral epicondylitis, better known as “tennis elbow”, is inflammation and damage of the tendons in your arm that you use to extend your wrist and forearm (yes, those muscles you’re using right now to move your mouse).  This injury is commonly seen in racquet-sport athletes, but is also common among in the “office athlete” population […]

Can Laser Therapy Improve Bone Healing?

Bone injuries can come in all shapes, sizes, and locations.  They can range in severity from a minor bone bruise all the way to a complete fracture (aka break).  We can have overuse injuries leading to stress fractures, or freak accidents leading to severe deformities.  Therefore it is obvious that the recovery time from these […]

Icy Hot versus Bengay?

On May 2, 2012, in Alternative Medicine, Wellness, by Kelly Golob DC

There are dozens of different pain relieving creams, gels, and ointments available in drug stores and doctors offices everywhere.  And they all claim to be more effective than the other “leading brands”.  But which one works the best for muscle soreness and trigger points that make up the most common consumer complaints? A new study […]

Can you treat Chronic Low Back Pain with Knowledge?

On April 11, 2012, in Alternative Medicine, Chiropractic, How to Defeat Back Pain, by Kelly Golob DC

Chronic low back pain is the most common cause of long term disability among workers today, and the costs to society are enormous.  Seven to ten percent of every case of back pain will become chronic, and these chronic conditions account for 80% of all costs associated with low back pain.  This problem is confounded […]

Which Manual Therapies are best for Cervicogenic Headaches?

On April 4, 2012, in Alternative Medicine, Chiropractic, How to Prevent Headaches, by Kelly Golob DC

Headaches can be one of the most frustrating illnesses to deal with.  Even a mild headache can make it difficult to concentrate or perform simple daily routines.  What can make headaches even more frustrating on top of that is that often there is little a person can do to find any relief.  Certain types of […]

Does Acetaminophen cause Childhood Asthma?

On December 28, 2011, in Alternative Medicine, Wellness, by Kelly Golob DC

The prevalence of childhood asthma in the United States has nearly doubled since the 1980s…an increasing amount of evidence has begun to link one of the most common over the counter drugs to this asthma epidemic.

Is Turmeric an Effective Treatment for Arthritis?

On November 9, 2011, in Alternative Medicine, How to Treat Arthritis, by Kelly Golob DC

The joints in your body come in all shapes and sizes. They have different functions, different strengths, and different weaknesses. But one thing that all joint shave is the ability to become arthritic if not taken care of properly.

Can Water Prevent Migraines?

On August 26, 2011, in Alternative Medicine, How to Prevent Headaches, by Kelly Golob DC

People suffering from migraines have learned that there can be many different types of triggers that lead to a migraine attack. Weather, lights, noise, stress, sleeping problems, alcohol, caffeine, and many others can affect migraine sufferers in different ways. And while the exact mechanism of what causes a migraine remains unclear, scientists have begun finding certain risk factors that, when avoided, offer the potential to provide effective natural treatments for migraines.